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upcoming weekend and we're going to have the full rain time line on this and what it's going to mean for your weekend coming up later on in the show. >> speaking of daly city, we're going to go live to the peninsula where that neighborhood jeff was talking about are hoping the wet weather won't cause another disastrous situation. that mud slide there. a 65-year-old woman is recovering from a horrific ordeal. police say a 14-year-old boy kidnapped and sexually assaulted the woman and then dumped her on conscious unconscious on the side of the road. these are disturbing allegations. >> reporter: certainly are. that 65-year-old woman suffered serious injuries in that attack and is now recovering at the hospital. the 14-year-old boy is now behind bars. the two did not appear to know one another and the attack appears to be random. it was just getting dark when the 65-year-old woman was
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walking to her vehicle in this shopping center parking lot on thursday when police say the 14 year old forced her into her minivan holding what turned out to be a fake gun. investigators say the boy forced the woman to drive to a location a few miles away near i-80 and hiddenbrooke parkway where he sexually assaulted her and left her unconscious in a ditch bound with duct tape. >> passersby summoned aid for her and provided information that assisted with the arrest. >> during the ordeal, the boy contacted the woman's family and demanded a ransom that was never paid. the boy was known to police prior to the attack and when he later returned to the scene of the abduction in the woman's minivan, an officer took him
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into custody. >> he was found to be in possession of the victim's belongings and a fake handgun. this 80 year old frequents the shopping center where the abduction took place and is a retired police officer who believes seniors should arm themselves. >> you wait around for the police and they may get there after the fact. people are going to have to start packing. >> reporter: other seniors told us safety education is the key. >> i go to the senior citizen and more education on how to protect ourselves and not to be out at certain times. >> reporter: i just heard from the district attorney and learned that the 14 year old will be charged as an adult. he's from vallejo and charges include attempted murder, carjacking, robbery and kidnapping. he's due to appear in superior court in fairfield on monday to face those charges.
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live in valeto, monte francis, nbc bay area news. a san francisco sheriff's deputy on the wrong side of the law. 36-year-old deputy phillip tong is accused of robbing a bank of america the day after election day. he handed the teller a demand note and left with $1,700. police say they identified him through fingerprints and surveillance videos. he's behind bars facing several felony robbery charges. tense moments at the oakland airport today. alleged bomb making materials were found during a security screening. a man from southern california was promptly arrested. cheryl hurd joins from us oakland international. a news conference just wrapped up. what do we know now? >> reporter: that's right. alameda county sheriffs are not releasing a picture of the watch but i did get a glimpse at it. it is silver in color. it had wires coming out of it. it had a toggle switch on it. the man arrested called it art but it did not look like art to
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me. here's a picture of the man arrested. his name is jeffrey mcgann. 49 years old from southern california. police say he was here for a one-day trip. he flew in around 11:00 and attempted to fly out at 7:00 p.m. tsa officials flagged the watch down as he was going through screening. they said it just didn't look like. listen into j.d. nelson with the alameda county sheriff's department. >> why would anyone come to the airport with a watch with wires coming out of it, a toggle switch, fuses, a circuit board and think that was okay? that's not okay. the totality of the situation made the deputies arrest him and he was arrested for possession of material that can make a destructive device. >> reporter: he was also wearing
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shoes to sizes too big with a removable insole. he's right now at the jail. no word on when he will be arraigned. we'll have more on this story coming up at 6:00. reporting live from the oakland international airport, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> quite a square. thanks, cheryl. new details in the investigation surrounding the accused killer of sierra lamar. nbc bay area broke the story this week finding out that go e garcia torres faces charges not related to the lamar case. accused of three attempted kidnappings in 2009. here's the full quote from the police report. the key piece of evidence appears to be a fingerprint from the battery of a stun gun that matched a latent print from torres. garcia torres' next court appearance scheduled for december 10th. a former police commander was arrested on several charges
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linked to a case of elder abuse. he was arrested at his home in pleasanton and accused of using his police authority to gain the trust of an 82-year-old man. investigators say that he and his wife shown here placed the victim's estate into a trust which they controlled. police are searching for his wife who is charged with criminal conspiracy. overseas a full scale ground war is looming azs israeli military tells its soldiers to be ready to fight. they have moved reservists toward theborder with gaza. palestinian militants fired rockets from gaza. israeli air force responded with more air strikes wiping out a lot of hamas's military arsenal. gaza is densely populated that pinpoint air strikes are affecting the civilian population. 30 palestinians and four
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israelis are dead. david petraeus was allowed to bypass cameras when he testified before a closed door hearing today. he kept out of sight until he got home. during the hearing he apologized for his affair with paula broadwell and testified that the cia did indeed know immediately it was al qaeda that attacked the u.s. consulate in benghazi. that attack took the lives of the u.s. ambassador and three others. petraeus says that information was withheld from the general public to not tip out terrorists that u.s. intelligence was on their trail. two co-workers are missing after an oil rig explosion off the coast of louisiana. 11 people were injured on board the platform that happened this morning when a blast of fire ripped through this rig. this is near louisiana not far from the spill of 2010. the company that owns the rig, black elk energy, says no oil has leaked from the platform. still ahead, most wanted no
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more. how one of the bay area's notorious criminals was taken down while dining out. and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we're tracking the storm tonight. the first of two storms moving in right now. while you're dry in san jose, we do have rain picking up later on this evening. some of the heaviest activity moving into san francisco as we head throughout the next hour. a few areas of isolated flooding on highway 101. >> say it isn't so. the end of an era. what's next for thousands of workers and snack lovers as that iconic brand calls it quits. this weekend just off the embarcadero in san francisco, the fight against hunger is being hit head on by design. >> a unique look of a contest benefiting bay area food banks. >> across from the ferry building, 1 market plaza stacks
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stores of restaurants and now canned food. >> think of it as a sand castle contest. we are making our huge sculptures out of canned food. >> that's san francisat the endr the exhibit we'll dismantle all of the structures and donate all of the food to the san francisco and marin food banks. >> the movie theme this year started as a play on words with can film festival. >> anything movie related. there's a few people that took it a step further and did a bunch of red carpet things. >> it's a way for architects, engineers and contractors to give back to the communities in which they build leading to the grand finale this weekend. >> this sunday is the dismantling of these structures and we'll gently toss all of these cans into bins and then the food banks will come and
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wheel them away. >> with an expected 70,000 cans to be donated, it whill be the largest one-day donation in san francisco food bank history. >> we would love you to bring a can of food or two and walk around and see the giant sculptures. >> with just a look at what to see and experience in the bay area this weekend, i'm lauren scott.
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you never know who you're going to run into. an off-duty police officer who was taking his wife out for a birthday dinner came face to face with one of the bay area's most wanted gang members. the oakland police officer was eating at ruth's steakhouse in san francisco when he spotted ronnie and his entourage at a nearby table. he was involved in multiple shootings in oakland and a home robbery. officers from the bay area even recently went to las vegas looking for him but there he was right at the dinner table. he was arrested out any trouble. disturbing new details
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surrounding human trafficking in california. the number of trafficking victims tripled in the last year. 72% of them are u.s. citizens. that contradicts a widely held perception that trafficking victims come from other countries. state attorney general released the figures today. the crime is gathering more attention from law enforcement and the general public. proposition 35 increases penalties on human traffickers. >> big names have come forward to support an east bay teenager who was drummed out of the boy scouts after announcing he's gay. he made national headlines after an appearance of the "ellen" show. now a state senator sent a letter to the boy scouts of america urging the group to allow him to become an eagle
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scout. he says he's also encouraged by the actions of u.p.s. which says it will no longer donate to the boy scouts. >> twinkies and hohos on the way out. some 70 workers at the plant are among 18,000 nationwide who are expected to lose their jobs. in the meantime, twinkies and hostess cupcakes were flying solve store shelves today. many junk food fans hope the company finds a buyer to keep the brands going. they are praying for no more mud. tonight's rain sun welcome news for that daly city neighborhood. so many people are still cleaning up after a water main break causeded that massive mud slide earlier this week. marianne favro joins us from daly city. crossing their fingers, right? >> reporter: all eyes are on the hillside behind me. i want to show you something.
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over here we have four to five feet of mud that is sitting on top of the park, which is why city crews put up this hay bail wall to prevent mud from running into neighbor's homes during the upcoming storm. now, on tuesday a city pipeline installed in the 1930s burst sending nearly 98,000 gallons of water down the hill. neighbors were left trudging through three feet of mud and now this woman is worried about the impact the weekend rain may have. >> the rain might be a heavy rain and there's more mud that will slow down here. >> city crews have been working to build a drainage ditch to divert any of the mud away from homes and they have also been working to control the erosion here but they say still they're going to be out here all weekend to prevent any mud from hitting homes again. reporting live from daly city,
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> people certainly on edge there and unfortunately more rain is coming down in that area. let's check in with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> and particularly here in daly city we're looking for anywhere from .75 inch to over an inch of rain right on where marianne favro was. we're not expecting another mud slide at this point but that ground is heavily compromised as we know they workeded ed ted t that up. you definitely want to stay alert here as we head throughout the next 48 hours with more wet weather coming our way. so let's get a look right now. we have that first round of rain arriving right now. it's coming down quick and hard here especially on highway 101. also on interstate 280 across the golden gate bridge and also on the bay bridge we'll track it but we want to get to these totals totals. it's impressive. we've seen at least a quarter of an inch and adding to totals in san francisco and also in sausalito. we'll get in on heavy rainfall
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as we continue throughout tonight. top wind gusts have been from 15 to 30 miles per hour from petaluma to los gatos with a top wind speed up at 32. it will be blustery no matter where you travel tonight. take it slow. you have a lot of plans on your friday night and that's when a lot of accidents tend to happen when we rush from place to place. look at doppler scans around right now. our main focus continues to be the northern end of the peninsula from about san mateo also 92 right into san francisco. computers picking up on some heavier pockets of rain. when you see this icon here with that thunderstorm cloud and that updraft motion it basically means a heavy zone of rain where we could even get isolated flooding concerns. right now that's across california 1 here at the coastline but some heavier rainfall will continue into san francisco over the next hour and the heaviest rain right now that doppler radar continues to pick up on is headed right here toward lucas valley over the next 30 to 40 minutes. it looks like it will hold up
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and 101 is going to get slick in the north bay as we continue throughout 6:00 p.m. for tonight. also the bay bridge getting wet. a lot of this activity will push over to oakland and back into danville, alamo and hayward as we head throughout the next 30 to 40 minutes and eventually those of you in the east and south bay will also get wet. not too much in the way of sierra snow right now but a winter weather advisory is posted. about four to eight inches possible here. very high snow level with this storm at 7,000 feet. let's get you outside on this stormy friday night. you can see in san francisco visibility is reduced to less than a half of a mile. a very wet bay bridge approach even if you have fast track. it's slower here tonight with a lot of people just putting on the brakes as they try to head over the bay bridge. again, take it slow. let's get you back into our future cast. we'll find the next wave of activity continue to move in at 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00. as we head throughout the overnight hours, we'll hold onto this rainfall here across the bay area.
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at least chances of scattered rain. and throughout tomorrow we'll keep that rain in the forecast as this first storm moves over. so 12 to 14 hours left to go of this wet weather. we'll get sunshine in here on your saturday. it's not going to be wet for your entire weekend. clouds mixed in as well. heading throughout saturday evening, here comes that second storm system. the timing on this sped up. you can see we look at intense areas of rainfall from the north bay down to the south bay for saturday night and that's going to linger into the overnight hours. and then we'll get sunshine on your sunday as well. we're not going to be able to rule out that isolated chance of thunderstorms when we get those periods of sun. it just helps to fuel that activity. so again storm moving over. now we'll keep lingering showers into tomorrow morning. and then that second storm system saturday night into early sunday morning where we could see upwards of two inches for coastal mountains. that's where the flooding concern will be the highest. upper 50s and low 60s here on your saturday forecast with a chance of thunderstorms
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throughout the day when we get the sun breaks it will help to increase that instability. so active the next two days across the bay area. as we head throughout monday, we get clearing in the forecast. not too bad. we get in on another storm system by wednesday. doesn't look too large. as we head into turkey day, we are working with less characters here than twitters. we couldn't fit thanksgiving on their properly. we're calling it turkey day. temperatures mid 60s. we expect cloudy skies and not any kind of storm activity. nonetheless, take it slow out there tonight. we have heavy rain coming down in san francisco for sure. >> i got caught in rainstorm today. >> how was it? >> it was wet. i didn't have an umbrella. >> your hair looks great. >> call ahead if you expect loved ones at the airports. one of san jose's big holiday attractions is opening as we speak. downtown ice returns to the circle of palms on market street across from christmas in the park. this is the 17th year of existence for downtown ice and of course that means we get to see one of our favorites.
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kristi yamaguchi is at tonight's opening ceremony. the skating rink will be open through january 13th. nbc bay area is a proud sponsor. >> a great rink. lots of fun. still ahead, another reason to avoid pollution. how it might impact your brain power.
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too much air pollution may make your head foggy. researchers at the university of southern california analyzed data on nearly 15,000 older adults. those living in areas where high levels of fine air particulate matter did worse on tests of cognitive function and memory. air pollution has already been linked to heart and lung problems. this is the first large-scale study to show an association with brain function. a congresswoman nancy pelosi collects on her world series bet. details next.
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>> let's look at what's coming up next. >> jessica aguirre joins us in the newsroom with the rundown. >> team coverage of violence in the middle east. and the story of a puppy named after the victims of the 9/11 attacks ready to protect country and new at 6:00 with us, a south bay school district on the verge of a strike. why some after-school traditions are already being cut. we'll have those stories and more when i join raj at 6:00. longtime giants fan and today congresswoman nancy pelosi collected on her world series bet. the house minority leader gathered all of her winnings. it was a big gift basket you see there she made a friendly wager with four michigan congressmen. they delivered to her michigan made products, the baseball by justin verlander there. deli meats. detroit made ginger ale.
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chips, chocolates and hot dogs. we didn't know detroit was so famous for all of those items. we do now. congratulations to her. >> rain is falling down on the bay area right now. where is it the heaviest? >> moving into the north bay. we're tracking heavier rain that could produce isolated flooding concerns on 101 as we head throughout the 6:00 p.m. hour arriving in novato as we head into the next 46 minutes. tracking the rain and we'll have your seven-day forecast coming up at 6:00. >> stay safe and dry. we'll see you back here at 6:00.
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woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. on our broadcast tonight, on the edge of war in the middle east. israel and hamas, exchanging fire, and poised to invade.

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